Offshore Wind Power

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) is the competent authority for Danish offshore wind power projects. Besides calls for tenders and the approval of new projects, continuous work is carried out on environmental impacts and future locations
Find information on current issues related to the offshore wind tenders of Horns Rev 3 and Kriegers Flak
Find information on current issues related to upcoming 350 MW nearshore wind tender in Denmark
The establishment of offshore wind turbines can follow two different procedures: a government tender procedure run by the Danish Energy Agency; or an open-door-procedure.
Denmark has the longest history with offshore wind turbines in the world. The first wind park was established in 1991 at Vindeby in the southern part of Denmark. Here is a small overview of some of the current offshore wind projects.
Offshore wind power is an attractive technology for renewable energy, but it is important that the offshore wind farms at sea respects the fragile marine environment. Denmark has extensive experience in environmental studies for offshore wind farms.
As part of realisation of the 2012 Energy Agreement, 50MW out of a total of 400MW nearshore wind turbines have been earmarked for offshore test projects. The primary requirements are that the projects contain a strong element of development and have a significant commercial potential.