Onshore Wind Power

Regulations on technical requirements for wind turbines, grid connection and subsidies for wind power are managed by the Danish Energy Agency under the Ministry of Climate and Energy.

Planning related to the erection of onshore wind turbines

As a general rule, the municiplaities are responsible for the planning pertainning to the erection of onshore wind turbines. The Nature Agency under the Ministry of the Environment manages the legislation on planning activities in connection with the erection of onshore wind turbines.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) Environmental impact assessments of onshore wind turbine projects and environmental assessments of planning proposals at the general and strategic level are managed by the Ministry of the Environment.

General information about schemes under the Promotion of Renewable Energy Act for expansion of onshore wind power

The Promotion of Renewable Energy Act, which entered into force on 1 January 2009, contains four new schemes to promote the development of wind turbines on land: loss of value to real property due to the erection of wind turbines, local citizens’ option to purchase wind turbine shares, a green scheme to enhance local scenic and recreational values and a guarantee fund to support financing of preliminary investigations etc, by local wind turbine owners’ associations.

Erectors of turbines and other stakeholders can direct any questions they may have about the four new schemes to Energinet.dk’s Front Office. Energinet.dk, which is responsible for e.g. connecting wind turbines and other energy sources to the electricity grid and paying subsidies for environmentally friendly electricity production, acts as secretariat for these new schemes, and is available for advice and guidance.

The Promotion of Renewable Energy Act also contains a scrapping scheme for old wind turbines. According to this scheme, a scrapping certificate can be earned by replacing old inappropriately situated wind turbines with new and more efficient turbines. This grants the right to an extra price supplement.