Onshore Wind Power

The Danish Energy Agency is responsible for regulations on technical requirements, grid connection and subsidies for wind power. Find information on onshore wind power on this page.

Planning of onshore wind turbines

As a general rule, the municiplaities are responsible for the planning pertainning to the establishment of onshore wind turbines. The Nature Agency under the Ministry of the Environment manages the legislation on planning activities and environmental impact assessment (EIA) in connection with onshore wind turbines (in Danish).

General information about schemes under the Promotion of Renewable Energy Act for expansion of onshore wind power

The Promotion of Renewable Energy Act contains four schemes to promote the development of wind turbines on land:

Stakeholders interested in onshore wind power can direct any questions they may have about the four new schemes to the Danish TSO, Energinet.dk.

Energinet.dk is responsible for connecting wind turbines and other sources of energy to the electricity grid, paying subsidies for environmentally friendly electricity production and acts as secretariat for the four schemes. Energinet.dk is also available for advice and guidance.

Loss of value to real property due the erection of wind turbines

If a property loses more than 1 percent in value due to the erection of a new wind turbine, the owner is ensured full compensation for his/her loss. The owner of the property must notify his/her claim for compensation for loss of value to Energinet.dk. As owner of the property one can choose to enter into a voluntary agreement for compensation for the loss of value with the erector of the wind turbine, or one can ask an impartial appraisal authority to make a specific appraisal of the property and determine the scope of the loss.

The claim from the owner of a property affected must be notified before the wind turbine has been erected. Thus, the erector of the wind turbine is obligated to make a visualisation of the project, prepare other relevant material as well as provide information to the citizens affected at a public meeting no later than four weeks before the end of the municipal planning process. Any claims raised at a later stage will only be assessed as an exception to the rule.

Energinet.dk, which is responsible for operating the electricity grid in Denmark, is managing the scheme.

Local citizens’ option to purchase wind turbines shares

Any citizen of 18 years or above living within 4.5km of new wind turbines, will be given the option to buy a share in local turbine projects. Any shares which citizens living within the 4.5km limit do not buy will be offered to permanent residents in the rest of the municipality.

The erector of the turbines must as a minimum announce the project in the local papers and the shares on offer must correspond to at least 20% of the value (cost) of the turbines. A share corresponds to the price of 1,000kWh, which is currently around DKK 3,000-4,000. Shareholders share the costs, revenues, risk and influence on equal terms with the erector of the turbine.

Green scheme to enhance local scenic and recreational values

Danish municipalities can submit an application for subsidies under the green scheme to Energinet.dk. The subsidies are granted to projects which strengthen the landscape and recreational opportunities in the municipality, and they are granted to cultural and information activities. Examples include subsidies for establishing a nature path and for preparing teaching material about the climate and energy.

The size of the pool which the municipality may have at its disposal depends on the specific number of new wind turbines that are erected and their size. The pool will include about DKK 200,000 per turbine, depending on the turbines’ size. 

The regulations on the green scheme in the Promotion of Renewable Energy Act entered into force on 1 June 2009. A statutory order on the management of subsidies under the scheme entered into force on the same date.

Energinet.dk, which is responsible for operating the electricity grid in Denmark, is managing the scheme.

The guarantee fund

On 1 January 2009, a new scheme with a total of DKK 10 million was established. The scheme grants guarantees for loans taken out by local groups such as wind turbine associations.

The guarantee is to act as a security for groups of citizens, wind turbine associations and others who require a better basis for decision making before deciding whether to erect a turbine, e.g. preliminary investigations of the area, nuisance for neighbours, financial aspects etc. A guarantee is granted for a maximum of DKK 500,000 per project. The guarantee will be paid if the project is not implemented and the loan cannot be repaid.