Loss of value to real property due the erection of wind turbines

An erector of a wind turbine has a duty to pay compensation for loss of value of real property following the erection of the wind turbine. The size of the loss of value is determined by an appraisal authority.

If a property loses more than 1 per cent in value due to the erection of new wind turbines, the owner is ensured full compensation for his loss. The owner of the property must notify his claim for compensation for loss of value to Energinet.dk. As owner of the property you can choose to enter into a voluntary agreement for compensation for the loss of value with the erector of the wind turbine, or you can ask an impartial appraisal authority to make a specific appraisal of the property and determine the scope of your loss.

The claim from the owner of a property affected must be notified before the wind turbine has been erected. The erector of the wind turbine is therefore obligated to visualise the project and prepare other material as well as provide information to the citizens affected at a public meeting no later than four weeks before the municipal planning process ends. Any claims raised at a later stage will only be assessed as an exception to the rule.

Energinet.dk, which is responsible for operating the electricity grid in Denmark, is managing the scheme.