Agreements on Danish energy policy

Over the years changing Danish Governments have made agreements and energy plans with political parties and energy companies.

In March 2012 a historic new Energy Agreement was reached in Denmark. The Agreement contains a wide range of ambitious initiatives, bringing Denmark a good step closer to the target of 100% renewable energy in the energy and transport sectors by 2050.

In many ways, Denmark has started the green transition well. However the Agreement moves us up a gear, with large investments up to 2020 in energy efficiency, renewable energy and the energy system. Results in 2020 include approximately 50% of electricity consumption supplied by wind power, and more than 35% of final energy consumption supplied from renewable energy sources.

No energy agreement has ever been reached by a larger and broader majority in the Danish Parliament than this one; and no Danish energy agreement has previously covered such a long time horizon. In other words, a solid framework has been provided for the huge private and public investment to be made in the years to come.

Read more about the agreement in the 'Accelerating green energy towards 2020'.

The various agreements since 1985 can be read from this page (see the list to the left).